Vigna Villa della Regina at “La Bonne Franquette”

This weekend the Freisa di Chieri “Vigna Villa della Regina”, twinned with the Clos Montmartre in Paris, will be featured in a famous traditional event at the foot of the Sacred Heart .
It’s been several years that the historic Parisian restaurant “La Bonne Franquette” organizes a bagna cauda dinner (typical piedmontese dish) for all the friends and customers of Piedmont (and not only).

Freisa will be the star of the event !

Thanks to Charlie and Magda of “Le Vin Parfait” for the beautiful pictures.


Freisa di Chieri "Vigna Villa della Regina" a La Bonne Franquette

Freisa di Chieri “Vigna Villa della Regina” at restaurant “La Bonne Franquette”