Harvest 2016

Harvesting at Villa della Regina it’s a kind of magic.
If you add a great vintage in terms of maturations and weather conditions, the result is something great.
Just a little bit of hail in the early July don’t allow us to exactly compare this vintage with the perfection of 2015: we’ve harvested a slightly lower quantity of Freisa grapes.
Anyway the extreme care that we put in thinning and than in picking we’ll let us obtain a gorgeous Freisa di Chieri DOC Superiore “Vigna Villa della Regina” 2016.

Our good friends of Gruppo Fotografico GF La Mole shooted some great pics: enjoy them!

Vendemmia 2016 @ Villa della Regina

Vendemmia 2016 @ Villa della Regina

Vendemmia 2016 @ Villa della Regina

Luca Balbiano vendemmia 2016 VdR


Vigna della Regina meets Montmartre!

Following the twinning between the Queen’s Villa Vineyard and Paris Montmartre , held at Villa della Regina in May 2014 , Franco and Luca Balbiano were invited to Paris from M.me Brigitte Houdiniere to canonize their designation to Ambassador and Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Montmartre .

A great honor, reserved to nobody till now.

Comité des Fetes

Association founded in 1934, the Committee of the Parties and the Social Actions of the 18th arrondissement of Paris watches over the famous Clos Montmartre , and ensures the management and the promotion of his cuvée with the aim of promoting charitable activities in favor of children and the elderly in the 18th arrondissement . Under the 10 year lead of Brigitte Houdinière , this dynamic association made ​​up of a team of volunteers works throughout the year,alongside the 18th arrondissement district, to take care of the vineyard: vinification , implement wine quality through the collaboration of an enologist and ensure optimum management of the Cuvée du Clos Montmartre and its image in France and in the World ; the Comité is also responsible to manage the famous Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival .

Extension of the royal vineyard


We’re almost ready !

Another big step is going to be accomplished : the vineyard of Queen’s Villa will soon be extended by other 800 square meters , which will allow us to get very close to a total extension of an hectare.
The work of trenching and reshaping of the land have been completed successfully and now another 500 cuttings of Freisa are ready to be planted !

Vigna della Regina on Cucchiaio.it

There are many people who express their views and opinions about wine .All worthy of attention , regardless of their preparation and/or benevolence .There are a small handful, however, whose opinion is for us always a source of constant stimulation and admiration .
Stefano Caffarri is one of them.
Then, if the judgment assumes such positive tones, We can’t feel anything than happy.

The Director of Cucchiaio D’Argento , but above all a friend, Stefano Caffarri on # Freisa of Chieri ” Vigna Villa della Regina ” 2011 .

# priceless


Vigna Villa della Regina at “La Bonne Franquette”

This weekend the Freisa di Chieri “Vigna Villa della Regina”, twinned with the Clos Montmartre in Paris, will be featured in a famous traditional event at the foot of the Sacred Heart .
It’s been several years that the historic Parisian restaurant “La Bonne Franquette” organizes a bagna cauda dinner (typical piedmontese dish) for all the friends and customers of Piedmont (and not only).

Freisa will be the star of the event !

Thanks to Charlie and Magda of “Le Vin Parfait” for the beautiful pictures.


Freisa di Chieri "Vigna Villa della Regina" a La Bonne Franquette

Freisa di Chieri “Vigna Villa della Regina” at restaurant “La Bonne Franquette”


Queen’s Vineyard 2.0

Finally the day has arrived !
Today , April 21, 2015 we planted 500 new Freisa cuttings at the Vineyard within the Royal Queen’s Villa.
It ‘ been a long and complex work, involving numerous historical research aimed at evaluating the best orientation of the rows , while respecting their historical position, but also in respect of the most proper exposure.
This new implant plant brings the vineyard of Queen’s Villa to an hectare extension.

A little taste of the work done today in this time-lapse !


Vineyard with a view!

A few days ago we were guests of the Institute La Salle , who kindly gave us the opportunity to take pictures of Queen’s Villa from an amazing spot: their roof!

Waiting for the official pictures , taken in collaboration with Massimiliano Sticca, here’s a little preview !